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BKHOST Who are we?
BKHOST is the leading brand of Vietnam Online Network Solution Joint Stock Company (abbreviated BKHOST VIETNAM .,JSC) operating in Information Technology field since 2014. We provide services on the Internet for individual customers, domestic and international businesses. We are committed to bringing the most modern, optimal, effective and cost-effective IT solutions to customers with diverse business size. In 2021, BKHOST on the TOP of the best Internet service providers in Vietnam with more than 12,500 customers, 24/7 continuous service performance. With the orientation of focusing on the most advanced technologies, providing professional services in the shortest time, understanding the market, BKHOST always brings satisfaction and trust to customers.
BKHOST What do we do?
BKHOST supports customers to effectively apply the most advanced IT solutions to achieve the highest efficiency in the e-commerce era, strongly develop brand names, outperform competitors
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Formation and development
Được thành lập từ ngày 6/4/2014, BKHOST đã trưởng thành
nhanh chóng và ngày càng phát triển với đội ngũ nhân lực trẻ,
hệ thống phòng ban chuyên môn chuyên nghiệp.
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BKHOST is on Top of the best technology service providers in Vietnam.

Website Bkhost.vn shares knowledge with more than 100,000 monthly visits. Improve community understanding of technology services that support business.

BKHOST achieved impressive revenue and growth rate, from a small technology business company that has made a spectacular breakthrough and gradually became a reputable brand in the Vietnamese and international technology market.

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Building BKHOST to a leading information technology service provider in Vietnam
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BKHOST's mission is "Developing and providing the most advanced technology services in the IT field for the Vietnamese business market". BKHOST wishes to become a successful, prosperous and strong enterprise with strong development capacity, the pride of Vietnamese knowledge on the path of international integration. This will be a favorable environment for the development of Vietnamese technology knowledge, becoming one of the leading IT enterprises both domestically and internationally.
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